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QWhat is the difference between Sharini and commercial perfumes?

The biggest difference is that natural perfumers don't use any synthetic aromatic chemicals.

The natural components have a vital force and diffuse their scents in a softer and more delicate way.


Have you ever sat next to someone on a train or bus and been overwhelmed by their scent?

These are synthetic nitro-musks which are very often used in  so-called "modern" synthetic perfumery.


Natural perfumes are more intimate and do not mask the person wearing them. Natural perfumes have a bow on the body; their scent constantly evolves on the pwater without attacking it.

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Sharini nez orgue

True luxury is an art

True luxury is something unusual and unique that is rooted in art; something that sets a standard and often has a pervasive history of tradition or a break from tradition.

On this photo,Nicholas Jennings,perfumerand founder of Sharini Parfums Naturels in itsworkshop in the South of France.

Nicholas uses only natural ingredients with no petrochemicals or toxins.

A real craftsman of smells, he produces small batches of perfumes from organic and natural materials.

Nicholas' philosophy on perfumes applies in each of the perfumes he composes. They are meant to be delicate and intimate, evoking emotion and memory, as opposed to heady, synthetic smells where you can smell someone 5 meters down the street.

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“Perfume is something emotional.

Nicholas Jennings, Founder of Sharini Parfums Naturels

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