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The key words for a creation of a perfume for me..

Technique - Inspiration - Intuition - Enthusiasm - Confidence and introspection - Pleasure

-Acquire, perfect or structure your theoretical and olfactory knowledge
-Develop a perfume culture
- The chemistry of perfumery materials.
- IFRA, EU legislation.
- Creation of a perfume: The pyramid of perfumes, the accords, the Jean Carles method, the structure of the perfume.
- Perfume evaluation: Modifications and corrections.

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À propos du cuir
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Without being in a judgment of modern chemistry, I am much more attracted and attached to traditional distillation with natural and raw essences. It's the olfactory nuances between an essential oil of lavender picked at 1000m altitude or 600m that excites my nose. Like a good wine, each year the essential oil does not have the same result.  There are good vintages even in natural perfumery!


The beauty of natural perfumery for me is imperfection and essential oils remain a real olfactory treasure and sometimes difficult to mix. When I smell a rose essential oil by distillation, there is a richness, an already complete perfume that coats me. Modern perfumery instead uses  molecules like  phenyl ethyl alcohol, geraniol, damascene and citronnelol to recreate an artificial rose. It has no comparison!

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