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Sharini Parfums


For more information on natural perfume check out some of these rather interesting sites:



Le Pre St Jean - ferme biodynamie - biodynamic farm in Provence





Le jardin des courbes - pendule de sable

Wonderful resource site for the budding perfumer

Perfumes Guide - The online directory of all things perfume

A Free Resources for Aromatherapy

Professionnels de la Parfumerie

International Fragrance Association

Société Française des Parfumeurs

ECOCERT International

Environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced products

INDIGO fabrique ses bougies auriculaires depuis 1992 dans une petite ferme provencale en agriculture biodynamique

Organic Cotton & Fair Trade Clothing. Organic & Green Baby. Ethical Fashion. Natural Luxury.




Sharini Parfums Naturels - handcrafted organic perfumes