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10 ans

SHARINI PARFUMS - 10 year anniversary


To celebrate 10 wonderful years at the helm of sharini parfums, Nicholas jennings has created a very special natural perfume using the most prestigious natural ingredients available to the trained perfumer -


Due to the rarity of the raw materials, only 100 bottles have been made. Each signed and presented in beautiful olive wood perfume presentation holders.


The ingredients have been chosen as a way of thanking all the producers and friends who have played a part in the Sharini way of life. I have used lovely local coriandre, wild lavender and everlasting that we harvested ourselves (thanks to Crystel, Vince,Nat, Nico, Berty and the great distiller - Jamil)


I also used lavender from Tam and Greg in the Drome (Le Pre St Jean) who opened a door to a world of natural essential oils extracted ethically (and with lots of love).


I used an old beautiful sandalwood oil that i've kept since 2005. Sandalwood can be so often a dissapointment these days, but this oil is delightful and why i fell in love with the true sandalwood.


Thanks to Carlos in Colombia for his beautiful organic enfleurage oils which are included in the perfume. He is one of very few people who still extract using this technique and i am so pleased we met and have kept our friendship over the years.


I have used local rosa gallica from Matthieu and Claire - again so pleased to share our passion for oils and floral waters.


Of course all of this would not be possible without the fantastic Rebbecca and Danny - what a team!


As a final perfumed note - I included a touch of Floriental, the first perfumed I launched in 2005 and still cherish.


Thank you so much... Nicholas



bergamote FCF*
coriandre (Hérault) *
gingembre co2*


frangipanier enfleurage*
tuberose enfleurage*
lys enfleurage*
gardénia enfleurage*
jasmin enfleurage*
petitgrain pamplemousse*
lotus blanc Thailande
lavande sauvage (Hérault)
immortelle sauvage (Hérault)
tiare Tahiti


santal 10ans
ambregris 5ans
vanille co2*
cade (Hérault)*
floriental - premier parfum sharini de 2005



eau florale rosa gallica (rose de France)*



eau de parfum





10 ans

SHARINI PARFUMS - 10 year anniversary


jasmin celeste

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